holguin, march, solidarity, palestien
March in Holguin in solidarity with Palestine. Foto: Carlos Rodroiguez

Holguin says stop genocide in Palestine (+Photos)

Since the early hours of this March 2nd, Holguin citizens gathered to march for peace and the cessation of genocide in Palestine.

Solidarity march, Holguin, Palestinian cause

Holguin, people, march, solidarity, palestine
Holguin people march in solidarity with Palestine. Phot:o: Radio Angulo

The civil society of the Cuban City of the Parks, together with its top leaders, marched along Los Libertadores Avenue to the monument to Che, in a gesture of solidarity and in defense of the most inalienable right, life.

Holguin, stop genocide, Palestine

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This march joins the international call in support of the Palestinian people and in condemnation of the massacre of the State of Israel by bombing with impunity the Gaza Strip. By Carlos Rodríguez Rubio – Radio Angulo web site

Summoned by the Union of Young Communists (UJC) and other social organizations, Cubans staged massive acts of solidarity with Palestine and to demand an end to the Israeli genocide this Saturday across the country.

The mobilizations in the Caribbean nation, as in the whole world, took place in view of the announcement of Israel’s new offensive against the city of Rafah, home to more than one million Palestinians.

From early hours, especially in the provincial capital cities, and in the case of Havana, in the Anti-imperialist Tribune José Martí, Cubans were called to raise their voices for the Palestinian people.

President Miguel Díaz-Canel assured the day before that Cuba will never be indifferent to crime and this Saturday Cubans will march for peace, together with the peoples who fight for a better world. / With information from RHC.

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