school-year-opens-in-cuba-with-over-1-8-million-studentsSchool Year Opens in Cuba with over 1.8 Million Students

September the first marks the beginnig of the 2014-2015 school year in Cuba; this academic year Cuban schools open with a student registration of over 1.8 million studnets, and the consolidation of changes in all education levels.

University of Holguin Opens Doors September First

fidel-calls-for-respect-for-life-and-end-of-warsFidel Calls for Respect for Life and End of Wars

In his most recent reflection article, entitled will Fair ideas triumph or will disaster prevail? Cuban Revolution leader says that if it's now possible to prolong life, health and the useful time of the people and if it is now possible to plan the development of the population in tune with growing productivity, culture and the development of human values. What are they waiting for to do all that?

in-sagua-de-tanamo-ibrahim-arguelles-matos-struggles-for-the-fiveIn Sagua de Tanamo, Ibrahim Arguelles Matos Struggles for The Five

Simple by nature, with a long life and a clean look, aware of life and its strengths like friendship and solidarity, a man deeply rooted to his homeland, committed to time, to the nation and the people, to the Cuban Revolution, that's Ibrahim Arguelles Matos, who is activist for the release of the Cuban Five, who were arrested 16 about years ago in the

USA, tried in Miami, and given long and harsh sentences.

cuba-grants-order-to-the-sports-merit-to-diana-nyadCuba Grants Order to the Sports Merit to Diana Nyad

US swimmer Diana Nyad was granted Cuba's Order to the Sports Merit from the hands of Cristian Jimenez, the president of the Cuban Sports Institute (INDER), during a ceremony held in Havana.

banes-colloquium-dedicated-to-radio-news-showsBanes: Colloquium Dedicated to Radio News Shows

The 16th season of the Colloquium on Journalism "Cristina Aguilera Memorial" that is dedicated to the most relevant figure of news making in the Cuban municipality of Banes, Holguin province, will this year target radio news shows, as a significant space to disclose the everyday happenings of the community and the country as well.

cuba-new-customs-regulations-into-forceCuba: New Customs Regulations into Force

The most recently announced regulations by the Cuban Customs Office got in force on Monday, September the first, as they limit the number of non-commercial imports by individuals. The regulations are contained in resolutions by Customs and by the Ministry of Finance and Prices and include a list of values set by the Customs Office and the amount, cost and exemptions related to tariffs for the products sent via postal, air or maritime services.


University of Holguin Opens Doors September First

The Oscar Lucero Moya university of Holguin is getting things ready sight the new academic year to b ... 


Fidel Calls for Respect for Life and End of Wars

In his most recent reflection article, entitled will Fair ideas triumph or will disaster prevail? Cu ... 

The World


Portugal: Young Cuban Pianist Wins Music Contest

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Holguin: Isam Ortiz after the Silver Olympic Medal

Talking to Grand Master (GM) Isam Ortiz Suarez is always pleasant, for his loquacity and modesty, an ... 


Reflection by Fidel Castro


What moved me to write was the fact that very serious events will be happening very soon. In our times, our species hardly spend ten or fifteen years without facing a true risk of disappearing. Neithe ... 

Los Cinco

The five

Cuban Five: Laura Labañino's Faith on the American People

Laura Labañino is a good Cuban girl with an infectious enthusiasm; however, when you look at her you see something on her eyes, kind of sadness that moves you much; but we've got to understand her si ... 

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Lilibet, a Rural Flower in the Cuban Province of Holguin

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Ecological Agriculture, the World's True Future Production

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