holguin-studies-on-wind-potentials-in-banes-coastsHolguin: Studies on Wind Potentials in Banes Coasts

The coasts of the Cuban municipality of Banes, in the northeastern province of Holguin, show high potentials for the strength of the winds, thus paving the way for the future construction of wind farms. For such a reason, they have been carrying out some studies, whose favorable results talk of the possibility of profiting from that renewable source of energy.

Holguin: Clients of Electricity Project Works, Top Priority

stir-in-banes-drums-sound-in-the-carnivalsStir in Banes, Drums Sound in the Carnivals

Night and day people from the Cuban town of Banes don't seem to go for a rest, it's Carnivals time, therefore, they pack the downtown streets of that coastal jurisdiction in the province of Holguin to have some fun; it's the year's call to the traditional fiesta, to go foe a dance, eat and drink with family and friends. Insomnia is not big deal these days, joy and happiness rein all around.

holguin-child-birth-rate-4-9-per-a-thousand-life-birthHolguin Child Birth Rate: 4.9 per a Thousand Life Birth

The northeastern Cuban province of Holguin, the third largest populated in the country, reports so far this year a child birth rate of 4.9 per a thousand life births, which is one of the main achievements for the national health system.

cuban-five-fernando-gonzalez-awarded-in-spainCuban Five Fernando Gonzalez Awarded in Spain

Cuban Five Hero Fernando Gonzalez Llort was presented in Madrid with the Dolores Ibarruri (La Pasionaria) Commemorative Medal, granted by the Spanish Communist Party.

Wife of Cuban 5 Hero Presents The Five Case in Colombia

Banes: CDR Members Decried Terrorism Against Cuba

buena-fe-sings-cuba-va-at-the-miami-dade-county-auditoriumBuena Fe Sings "Cuba Va" at the Miami Dade County Auditorium

The popular Cuban duo Buena Fe, sang in the city of Miami the patriotic piece "Cuba va," during a concert held in that U.S. town, in southern Florida.

Buena Fe to Miami Despite Cuban American Extremists

venezuela-and-cuba-pen-2-new-cooperation-agreementsVenezuela and Cuba Pen 2 New Cooperation Agreements

Two new cooperation agreements between Venezuela and Cuba to exchange supplies between the Labiofam S.A. and Agropatria S.A. enterprises were inked in Caracas.

Cuban Support on Drive to Fight Ebola Ratified

U.S. Business Persons Promote Coalition against Blockade of Cuba


Holguin: New Avenue to Link Airport and Beaches

The enlargement of the stretch of the country's Main Highway that link the Frank Pais international  ... 


Rice Production in Cuba Boosted with Viet Nam's Aid

Data published by Havana's Cubahora digital magazine evidence the importance of the Cuba-Vietnam coo ... 

The World

More Voices Decry US Blockade Against Cuba

More people keep deploring the US economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba, accordin ... 


Holguin Hosts 16 Season of Metal HG Festival

The northeastern Cuban city of Holguin hosts the 16th season of the Metal HG Festival, September 18  ... 


Holguin to Open Cuban Baseball Season as Visitor

The nicknamed Puppies of Holguin, to represent the homonymous northeastern province, will be facing  ... 


Cuban Support on Drive to Fight Ebola Ratified

Cuba's Deputy Foreign Minister Abelardo Moreno addressed participants in the emergency session of th ... 

Reflection by Fidel Castro


What moved me to write was the fact that very serious events will be happening very soon. In our times, our species hardly spend ten or fifteen years without facing a true risk of disappearing. Neithe ... 

Los Cinco

The five

Wife of Cuban 5 Hero Presents The Five Case in Colombia

Elizabeth Palmeiro, wife of Ramon Labañino Salazar, one of the three Cuban antiterrorists yet unfairly held in U.S. jails, explained the situation of those men, during the installation of the Colombi ... 

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Quintilio: a Silver-tongued Cuban with Many Things to Tell

Cuban Quintilio Bermudez Cordero has the wisdom of having lived for more than a century. Today anecdotes come out his mouth like a spring, "Imagine that was hir ... 

Ecological Agriculture, the World's True Future Production

Land toiling has been a must for humankind since the early days, because it needs food to survive and preserve the human race through sound eating habits. In th ... 

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