Ernesto Osorio Zaldívar was selected as the first direct delegate from the province of Holguín to the III National Conference of the Sugar Union. Photo: Osvaldo Perez

Elected in Holguin first direct delegate to Sugar Conference

Young worker Ernesto Osorio Zaldívar was selected as the first direct delegate of Holguín province to the III National Conference of the Sugar Union, in an event held at Cristino Naranjo sugar mill.

Osorio Zaldívar works in the area of steam generation of the boilers, with an outstanding work and efficiency in his post, according to what was announced in the event, where he received the recognition and congratulations of his fellow workers and the leadership of the sugar union of the region, led by Lisbet Osorio Rodríguez.

The also young union leader, who recently assumed the high responsibility in the province, announced that a special emulation is also underway with the development of ploughing and darn competitions, as part of the preparation of the land to promote the planting of sugar cane for the spring campaign, which includes emulative cuts for the weekly check-ups, from the level of the Base Business Unit to the companies and the province.

The National Committee of the Sugar Workers Union convened its III National Conference, during the central act for the ephemeris of October 13, Sugar Workers’ Day, held at the Héctor Molina Riaño Enterprise, located in the municipality of San Nicolás, in the province of Mayabeque.

Since then, the workers of the sugar sector in the province have been working to advance, in the face of the difficulties derived from the difficult financial situation of the country, in all the direct and indirect activities related to the production of sugar, its derivatives, the production of food and the recovery of sugar cane as a guarantee of raw material for the next harvest.

During the first days of December of last year 2023, the “Cristino Naranjo” sugar mill of Cacocum, gave the initial whistle for the start of the 2023-2024 harvest in the province of Holguin.

Later, this year, the Fernando de Dios mill in the town of Tacajó was incorporated to the milling process, both with the mission of producing sugar for the basic food basket of the Holguin population.

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