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SRT tobacco semi-trailer. Photo: Taken from Facebook/holmeca

Holguin Holmeca produces despite complex economy

El “parrillero” trailer, intended for the transportation of tobacco leaves, is part, for the first time, of the product portfolio of Holguin‘s Empresa Mecánica Héroes del 26 de Julio, commercially known as Holmeca.

According to Granma’s report, its development, validation and production responds to a request from the Grupo Empresarial de Tabaco de Cuba (Tabacuba), which has already received 20 units, in use in agricultural areas of the provinces of Pinar del Río and Sancti Spíritus.

The information adds that for Tabacuba during 2023 they also manufactured trailers for general use, three-disc plows, 24-disc harrows, cultivators of various organs and mowing machines; and in the present year, 60% of the income they are calculating should come from business with this sector.

He also highlights that according to the order from 2024, in addition to the above mentioned implements, three-organ furrowers will be added. Also, the moldboard plow will be incorporated for the first time to the industrial process, because the existing ones in the fields are imported, due to the fact that there is a tradition in the country of manufacturing disc plows.

The Granma publication points out that other traditional clients of Holmeca, such as Azcuba and the Ministry of Agriculture – which invested heavily in equipment for the Rice and Miscellaneous Crops programs – have faced serious financial problems, with the consequent decline in their payment capacity.

Reynaldo Pupo Martínez, general director of the company, stated that, as soon as this situation is resolved, Holmeca will manufacture the necessary machinery for soil preparation, sowing, crop cultivation and crop transportation.

On the other hand, Pupo Martínez revealed that they are currently negotiating with foreign businessmen the assembly of self-propelled machinery, essentially tractors, and they are carrying out an internal reorganization, in order to take advantage of the powers granted to the businessmen by the set of measures decreed some time ago.

Thus, the basic business unit (UEB) Holmotor, which manufactures electric motors in Cacocum, became a medium-sized state-owned enterprise, with positive results as confirmed by the fulfillment of orders, the creation and marketing of new products and the obtaining of profits.

At the same time, according to Granma newspaper, they are analyzing the possibility of doing the same in the UEB Metal-Mechanics of Banes, dedicated to the repair and manufacture of truck beds and productions to support the works of the East-West Transfer and Tourism.

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