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Young musician Daniel Masquiaran Pereira, during the conversation with journalist Mavel Ponce.Photo: Courtesy of director Ana María Cordies

Daniel: Concert with National Symphony Orchestra, my prize

With a wide smile on his cinnamon-colored face and wavy hair, Daniel Masquiaran Pereira, with his flute in his hands, agreed to talk to us from the José María Ochoa Professional Music School. The young man, born in Manzanillo, Granma province, has recently won an important national award that will take him to a great concert in Havana.

Next March 24 you will be with the National Symphony Orchestra in Havana, how do you see that concert for your future as a professional?

“It is the greatest prize to be in a concert with those great maestros of  Symphony Orchestra. It makes me very happy and, above all, what I can learn together with those relevant figures of music”, he asserted excitedly.

You have received the Roberto Ondina In Memorian award, from the Professional School of Music José María Ochoa, how much does it contribute to your training?

“I want to thank my teachers and all those who helped me. Being in this school is an honor and a privilege for me. I have really learned a lot here,” she said.

What was the process of preparing for the competition like?

“It really was long and difficult because it was four months of intense studies of very complex flute programs. I have achieved the award thanks to my teachers, to their constant effort for my total preparation.”

Is there any musical family influence in your artistic training?

“In my family nobody studied music, but I watched television and concerts and I always liked it very much. Since I was very young I used to go with my mother to the music school, where she is a teacher, but of general education, not artistic. I was always attracted by what the students did in music classes”.

How do you manage your studies and personal life?

“I study the instrument for six hours a day and then, when I finish, I dedicate myself to reading because I like it very much and so I can learn more, draw which I like very much. I dedicate most of my time to study.

What projects do you have when you finish at the José María Ochoa Professional School of Music in Holguín?

“I long to continue studying in Havana for university studies at the Higher Institute of the Arts (ISA) and to continue developing myself, and in the end to be able to work.”

Between composing and performing, what do you prefer?

“I don’t compose, that’s the truth. It’s just that I like to perform and do a lot of research. I really prefer to play the flute,” he says with a smile and begins to play one of the classical pieces of his musical repertoire.

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