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Cuadernos Papiro arrives at Guadalajara International Fair Arias Silveria, director of the publishing house

Cuadernos Papiro at Guadalajara’s International Book Fair

The Guadalajara Book Fair, catalogued as the most important in the Spanish-speaking world, opened its doors this Sunday in Mexico, where Cuadernos Papiro Publishing House from Holguin presented its literary productions.

Yanelis Esquijarosa, designer of the publishing house, said to Radio Angulo digital: “we have brought five new titles among which are “La forma de los días” by writer Kenia Leyva, and “La bailarina española”, written by José Martí, with a Spanish and English version.

“Credo” by Venezuelan Aquiles Nazoa, “Moforibale”, work of Cuban writers to the Orischas. In the design prevail the wild flowers that are used in book arts with the fretwork and fabrics.

This is Papiro’s most recent title and it is joined by the creation that emerged from the Papermakers’ Meeting”, said Esquijarosa.

The Holguin delegation’s extensive program included a posthumous tribute to the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, with the participation of Cuba solidarity groups and Cuban diplomatic personnel accredited in Mexico.

“On Tuesday, November 28, there will be a meeting with cardboard publishers, coordinated with Ediciones Vigías de Matanzas,” said the designer.

Journalist and writer Ruben Rodriguez Gonzalez, winner of the Alejo Carpentier Award, attends as a guest of the Cuban Book Chamber.

The designer Esquijarosa is also accompanied by Manuel Arias Silveria, director of the publishing house.

The Cuban Chamber delegation is headed by director Iyamis Palomares and troubadour Eduardo Sosa, among other artists.

The Guadalajara International Fair is regarded as the most relevant in Ibero-America and was founded 37 years ago by Raul Padilla, who will receive a tribute in this edition by the University of Guadalajara, designed for professionals, with the participation of authors from all continents, along with the attending public.

The event, beyond the commercialization of works, is conceived as a mega literary arts festival with literature at the center of a program of some 3,000 activities that will take place from November 25 to December 3.

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