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More than 400 thousand workers will parade on May Day in Holguin. Photo: Juan Pablo Carreras/ACN

Proletariat of Holguin to parade on May Day

More than 400 thousand workers and their families will take part in the May Day parade in the province of Holguin, in commemoration of the International Proletariat Day and the 85th anniversary of the Confederation of Cuban Workers (CTC).

Idalmis Serrano Gómez, general secretary of the CTC in the territory, informed in a meeting with the press that Holguín will be one of the 10 provinces of the country that will carry out this type of celebration that will be replicated in the 14 municipalities.

The Plaza de la Revolución Mayor General Calixto García will once again be the epicenter of the provincial celebration where around 150 thousand Holguineros will parade and the remote Popular Councils will hold rallies, a measure taken to eliminate transportation expenses, she pointed out.

The union leader commented that they are working to make this date the celebration that the Cuban working class deserves, preceded by days of activities where the work of the outstanding collectives will be recognized, they will exchange with young people and combatants, and they will carry out tasks of support to institutions and localities.

These include volunteer work and changes in labor that contribute to community welfare, the exploitation of productive potential and help to strengthen the unity and empowerment of the members of the union, he said.

Serrano added that they are preparing the conditions to, after the march, develop popular festivities in the territories, where gastronomic offers will be added to cultural and recreational presentations that will satisfy and entertain the participants.

May Day is every year in Cuba, since 1959, a moment of rejoicing in the workers’ movement to commemorate the legacy and pay tribute to the achievements of those who fought for labor rights.

With information from Agencia Cubana de Noticias / Translated by Radio Angulo

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