Diaz, Canel, visit, Holguin, Cacocum
Cuban President exchanges with managers of the Tauba Holmotor factory in Cacocum, the only one of its kind in Cuba. Photo: Yoandris Cedeño

Díaz-Canel tours economic interest centers in Cacocum

Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and president of the Republic toured this Friday sites of interest in the province of Holguin to check on the progress of economic and production indicators and saving of energy resources.

His first stop was at the former electric engines factory, today known as Tauba Holmotor, a medium-sized company located in the municipality of Cacocum.

This factory, that is the only industry in the country that manufactures and repairs electric engines, started with its new form of management on May 1, 2023.

According to statements by Orlando Bidopia Fuentes, the entity started its operations with only 1.3 million pesos, which allowed it to meet its commitments and become self-financing, in addition to increasing its economic  incomes in 2.3 million pesos, without having to request bank loans.

The Cuban president exchanged with workers and technicians of the entity about the production of implements and parts, production chain, the substitution of imports and the salary scale of the workers and operators.

Diaz, Canel, electric, engines, factory, cacocum, holguin
Diaz-Canel visits the electric engines factory in Cacocum, Holguin
He also received an explanation on the use of recycled materials used for the manufacture of engines and accessories for import substitution.

As part of the tour, Díaz-Canel went to Cristino Naranjo, an eminently agricultural and sugar cane growing town, located about 15 kilometers from the municipal capital of Cacocum. There he was interested in sugar cane planting, the yield per hectare, the condition of the machinery and the sugar production of the sugar mill.

Diaz, Canel, Cristino, sugar, mill, Cacocum
Diaz-Canel visits the warehouse of Cristino Naranjo sugar mill in Cacocum, Holguin

While visiting warehouse of “Cristino Naranjo” sugar mill, he learned about the actions and initiatives related to the filling of sacks of this product destined to the basic food basket, an option that allows saving time, labor and fuel in times as difficult as the present ones.

While exchanging with residents of this municipality of Holguín, the Cuban president emphasized that “in each place we are reviewing the things that work well and those that do not work, to solve problems and overcome difficulties and to promote wealth and production that are distributed with social justice”.

Diaz, Canel, exchange, people, cacocum
Diaz-Canel exchanges with people in Cacocum

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