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With the participation of the inhabitants of Güirabito, in Holguín, the first Caribbean Archeology and Early History Workshop will take place. Photo: Juan Pablo Carreras.

Early Caribbean History Workshop to be held in Holguín

On April 6, 2025, the city of Holguin will host the first Caribbean Archeology and Early History Workshop, the only one of its kind in the country, with the aim of delving into the life and customs of Cuban aborigines.

The meeting, to be held at El Yayal site, located in the outskirts of the capital city, will count on the participation of Cuban and foreign researchers in this subject, in addition to the involvement of the community of Güirabito.

Workshop on Early History of the Caribbean is convened from Holguin

aboriginal, pot, site, El, Yayal, holguin
Indigenous vessel imitating a European model, found in El Yayal. Photo: Newspaper ¡ahora!


Hiram Pérez Concepción, president of the provincial branch of the Union of Historians of Cuba, pointed out that the program will address, among other topics, food habits, changes in settlement patterns, introduction of plants and animals and transculturation.

He also stressed on the relevance of this event for the socialization of information referred to those topics and to deepen in the main aspects of the economy and cosmovision of the populations and their interaction with other tribes in the area.

On this occasion, the event is sponsored by the Pedro Rogena Camayd Credit and Services Cooperative, the provincial and municipal Culture Directorates, the Union of Historians of Cuba and the Central-Eastern Department of Archeology.

It will also remember the 480th anniversary of the transfer of the Hato de Holguin from the foundational site of El Yayal to Cayo Llano, current location of the eastern city and where the socioeconomic development up to the present began.

Early Caribbean History Workshop 1 convened from Holguin

site, El, Yayal, Holguin
Geographical location of El Yayal. Photo: Newspaper ¡ahora!

Holguin has in its geography several archaeological sites among them the Chorro de Maíta, located in the municipality of Banes and one of the most important aboriginal cemeteries found so far in the Caribbean area where the types of burials of the first inhabitants of the largest of the Antilles can be observed.

With information from ACN / Translated by Radio Angulo

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