Holguin University of Medical Sciences grants awards to professors

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Main venue of the University of Medical Sciences of Holguin

As part of the plan of activities considered by the University of Medical Sciences of Holguín (UCMHo) in salute to the celebration of its 15 years of its founding 53 teachers from Octavio de la Concepción de la Pedraja Pediatric Hospital were recently awarded with the Distinction for Cuban Education.

This gesture, which intertwines health and education to forge a better future in the health sciences, was presented to 53 teachers from this recognized children hospital.

The director of the Provincial Pediatric Hospital was one of the distinguished teachers then.

Some of the recognized teachers were Karelia Godoy Matos, Georgina Velázquez Rodríguez, Francisco Máximo González Celá, Fabio Blas Feria Estrada, Marlina Pérez Ramírez, Lauro Antonio Melo Aguilera, Héctor Pupo Rodríguez y René Núñez Inza, who expressed their satisfaction at receiving this award.

“In my personal experience I have been dedicated to teaching for 43 years. I have trained, helped and contributed to the education of countless specialists and general practitioners, nurses, health technology professionals and specialists in pediatrics, surgery and oncology.

Eight professionals who are currently working in medical collaboration outside the country were also honored. In this case the Distinction was given to their relatives.

The ceremony was presided over by the rector of the university, Dr. Galina Galcerán Chacón; Rosa María Leyva Mayo, official of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and Dr. Héctor Pupo Rodríguez, director of the pediatric hospital, accompanied by members of the of the UCMHo Board of Directors, family members and other guests.

The Distinction for Cuban Education is awarded by the Ministry of Education to outstanding teachers of any level of education with more than 20 years of performance, in recognition of the merits acquired during their work career.

Thus, the outstanding educational work of those recognized transcends the classrooms and consultations, as a beacon for the new generations, showing the noble act of teaching.

With information from Infomed Holguín / Translated by Radio Angulo


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