Support for the Palestinian people reaffirmed in Holguin

liberty, palestine
Liberty for Palestine

The most unrestricted support to the Palestinian people, victim of the inhumane aggressiveness of the Israeli army, expressed the participants in an international solidarity meeting, organized by the Holguin ICAP delegation and the local branch of the Cuban Workers Confederation (CTC), event held at the Provincial Museum ‘La Periquera’  – National Monument.

A wide-ranging, enlightening and necessary conference on the historical reality of what is happening in that country of the Middle East and its antecedents – not made visible by the mass media -, by Professor and researcher PhD. Alexander Abreu Pupo, dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Holguín, who compared it to the apartheid system, which caused so much damage in South Africa, with the aggressive and discriminatory actions committed by Israel against the Palestinians to colonize their lands.

The media’s construction of the traditional disparities, as a religious issue, has tried to evade the political issue, has tried to evade the political reality, in which Israelites are exalted as special and more developed beings than Palestinians and that they deserve to colonize those lands, at capitalist style. In this way, the natives are expelled from their own lands, to be occupied by Israelis who, for centuries lived in different European places, where they were not assimilated by those societies.

With the complicity of international organizations, the proposal of Great Britain to create an Israeli state on a piece of Palestinian land was acceded to, thus beginning the expansionist practices, which they pretended to legitimize with the religious theme, alleging that Israel is the supposedly “God’s chosen people”.

In this way, as is now the case in the Gaza Strip, mass destruction and murder, the creation of mass destruction and mass killings, the creation of real concentration camps and the massive concentration camps and mass expulsion of the native population, with the traditional support and encouragement of the U.S. and some European governments.

After Professor Abreu’s enlightening words, the director of the ‘Calixto García Brigade’, Claudia Peralta, expressed the solidarity with the just Palestinian cause in Canada and other countries, such as Cuba, which is the best example to follow in such humanitarian practices.

The Chilean-Canadian friend acknowledged the massive parade for May Day parade, which preceded this meeting held in La Periquera, as the most forceful support for the Palestinian cause.

Yamila Fernández, Icap official, read the final Declaration of the meeting, pointing out the increase of solidarity actions with the just causes of the peoples of Palestine, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Nicaragua and the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic.

To multiply the battle in the digital networks against the slanderous media campaigns of the Yankee empire and to defend the identity and sovereignty of the Cuban people against the cultural neocolonialism that they intend to impose.

To demand the immediate exclusion of Cuba from the illegitimate list of State sponsors of terrorism, imposed by the government of the United States.

To mobilize and articulate solidarity with Cuba and carry out actions so that the U.S. government puts an end to its intensified economic, financial and commercial blockade that has hindered the development and welfare of the Cuban people for more than six decades.

The meeting was attended by authorities of the Communist Party of Cuba, the Cuban Workers Confederation, the Mincex office in Holguin (foreign relations), Education and mass organizations; Claudia Peralta, director of the Canadian Brigade Calixto García Íñiguez, residents and foreign descendants, as well as Dr. Jorge Quiñones of the Henry Reeve medical brigade, among others, whose opening remarks were given by Lupe Isabel Fernández, Icap delegate.

For its positive union results and the constant struggle that it carries out in favor of fair causes, friendship and solidarity with the peoples of the world, the Holguin ICAP delegation received the status of National Vanguard and the Jesús Menéndez medal.

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