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Top political and government leaders in Holguin analyze the effects on services to the population. Photo: Yoandris Cedeño

Holguin Government analyzes social and economic issues

Issues of social, economic and production interest that directly affect the population, as well as the business management of the entities that make up the Business Group of Commerce in Holguin were the main topics analyzed at the Provincial Council of People’s Power.

Ernesto Santiesteban Velázquez, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) and First Secretary of the PCC in Holguín, Manuel Hernández Aguilera, governor in the province, Yunia Pérez Hernández, deputy governor in the territory and presidents of Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power and mayors of the 14 municipalities were present at the meeting.

The day’s debate was essentially aimed at confronting crime, corruption and illegalities in commerce and gastronomy units and the transformation of services and new forms of management in this sector.

According to the analysis of the compliance with the mercantile circulation, it was known that in general the statistics show that the province complies with 102.5 percent, however, seven companies, out of the 17 entities that make up the guild in this eastern region, do not comply.

Edenis Olivera Maceo, Coordinator of Programs and Objectives of the provincial government, explained that all the municipalities do not comply with this point. He also informed that as direct incidences that cause a great impact on the population, the theft in shops stands out, 15 so far.

Oscar Fernandez Arcos, mayor of the municipality of Cacocum said in his speech that the municipal commissions of the Assemblies of People’s Power should strengthen the exchange with the people, encourage discussion on production with the new economic actors to provide greater service to trade and gastronomy, ensure quality and daily check the production of goods and provision of services.

Government meeting in Holguín

He added that commerce must create its own self-management to offer food products to the people and work together with the processing centers of each territory.

It is necessary to take more advantage of the chaining with the new economic actors, said the mayor, and to exploit more strongly the endogenous resources.

In the debate, the government leaders mentioned that these services demand a greater control and exigency by the Government and the administrative entities that manage them, since there are many deficiencies and the weaknesses are reflected in the fulfillment of the mercantile circulation.

An example of this is to increase the production of processing centers and enhance the provision of services. The energy deficit has hindered in some way the physical sales, decreasing the mercantile circulation and the statistics show delinquency in the self-management.

Nelvis Patterson Oramas, general director of the Business Group of Commerce in the province of Holguín, explained about the extraction of cash through the extra cashier service, other actions that go against the process of bankarization of the society and pointed out punctually problems between the banking institutions and the business group, when not recognizing the typologies that demand the fulfillment of Resolution 99 of the Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz.

Trade analysis meeting in Holguín

Patterson Oramas said that there are many things to be resolved in that sense and that the term chaining has been interpreted in multiple ways, mostly disadvantaging processing centers and food producing units and protecting MSMEs, in which violations have been detected such as charging the population 10 percent above the value of the product.

During the exchange Yunia Pérez Hernández, vice-governor of the province, called for the transformation of all trade companies, which will result in a better level of management and satisfaction of the population.

The leader said that the companies are stagnant and slow, and that they are not in tune with the current situation, which requires greater efforts on the part of each manager.

On this subject, the governor of the province pointed out that it is necessary to put a little science and correct distortions: “Why do we not provide quality services, why is good management not done, because they do not stimulate the salaries of the workers, because the income is shared among many?

First, there are companies that have only one basic business unit for a service provider, and that is a distortion of the economy. We must analyze all the structures of the business system of this group. Second, decentralize the provincial base business units and give them autonomy in each municipality, he said.

Raise the possibilities with the new actors of the economy, create a more active participation from the business group to the municipalities, which translates into sales, quality, services, distribution, profits and economic income.

Another topic analyzed in this meeting was related to the causes that provoke the problems with the water supply to the population in all the municipalities.

Director of Water Resources in Holguin

Juan Mario Hechavarría Hernández, delegate of Recursos Hidráulicos in the province, informed that the amount of water being pumped by pipe has increased due to the difficult conditions of the national energy system, which has also caused delays in maintenance actions.

The executive explained that the budget for the plan for the economy of this company in 2023 was affected by more than 200 million pesos.

He also said that Cuba is promoting a strategy for energy sustainability and announced the existence of six pumping equipment for the municipality of Banes, while in the port of Havana there are two pumping equipment for Urbano Noris, as well as others for the Cacoyugüín river basin with which it is hoped to achieve the stability of water pumping in the northern area of Holguin.

By Yoandris Cedeño Fonseca

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