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Manufacturing of industrial attachments at Felton. Photo: Emilio Rodríguez Pupo/Facebook

Felton manufactures attachments for the electric and nickel industries

Highly qualified technical staff of the Power Plant Maintenance Company (EMCE) manufactures highly complex attachments used in the operation of thermal generation plants in Cuba and in the mining industry.

In Felton’s metallic structures workshop in the municipality of Mayarí, they build economizers for the boiler systems of the Mariel and Nuevitas thermal power plants, already manufactured there for the nickel processing industry in Moa, a fact considered a novelty assumed in this center, says Justo Ricardo Galindo Rodríguez, chief technical specialist.

Since 2016, more than 70 workers of this workshop contribute with a specialized product that cheapens the maintenance processes carried out in several Cuban thermoelectric plants and other industries.

Rodolfo Céspedes Matos, specialist A in Industrial Maintenance, stressed that among the actions carried out there stand out the manufacture of curve ducts in the boiler to eliminate the most recent breakdown in the Lidio Ramón Pérez Thermoelectric Company and of a sausage mixer used in the food industry.

In view of the technical progress achieved by the workers of the metal structures workshop of EMCE in Felton, the electric union proposes the expansion of its productive areas, said Rudy Nápoles Medina, head of that center.

In addition to the manufacture of economizers for units of the thermoelectric plants located in Mariel and Nuevitas, the workers of this workshop will assume the demands of the plant known as Renté in Santiago de Cuba and are working on the construction of the wedges of the regenerative air heaters (CAR) of the thermoelectric plant located in Felton.

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With information from Portal del Ciudadano from Mayari / Translated by Radio Angulo.

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