Holguín: Priority given to centers for children’s care and education

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The children’s houses contribute to early childhood care and education. Photo: Juan Pablo Carreras/ACN

The creation of 17 casitas infantiles (kind of kindergarten) for the care and education of children is one of the actions undertaken by the General Directorate of Education in the province of Holguin, which prioritizes the attention to this age group.

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Yaíma Cruz de la Cruz, head of Early Childhood of the entity, commented to the Cuban News Agency that, only in 2023, 14 facilities of this type were built in nine municipalities of Holguin province, which accommodate more than 300 children from their first year of life to the fifth.

So far in 2024, two of these centers have been inaugurated, one in Antilla, belonging to Education, and another one in the provincial capital city, promoted by the Empresa Comercializadora y de Servicios de Productos Universales Holguín, she explained.

Cruz de la Cruz informed that, at present, six of these institutions are located in the city of Holguin, two in Moa and one apiece in Cacocum, Rafael Freyre, Frank País, Mayarí, Báguanos, Banes, Urbano Noris and Antilla, besides the opening of other five ones, including the first one in the coastal region in Gibara.

For the creation of the educational spaces, the efforts of the sector have been combined with those of several organizations, such as the Empresa de Materiales de Construcción (Médano), the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Public Health, the latter being one of those with the greatest demand for daycare places, he said.

As for the working staff, she added, the presence of one pedagogue for every five students is guaranteed, accompanied by trained assistants, who teach the infants knowledge about the social and natural world, their mother tongue and how to relate to the environment, through basic notions of English, Mathematics, Artistic Education and Physics.

Since 2003, the largest province in eastern Cuba has been involved in assuming these variants of care for early childhood with the opening of “Los Criollitos” center, linked to the Lázaro Peña Cigar Factory, where they strive to meet the educational needs of the little ones and family welfare.

With information from Claudia Laura Rodríguez Zaldívar – ACN / Translated by Radio Angulo

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