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The Cueva de los Panaderos, archaeological attraction of the patrimony of Gibara, coastal city located to the north of the province of Holguin, Cuba. Photo: Juan Pablo Carreras

Features of caverns from Eastern Cuba exposed in Holguin

The IX José Juan Arrom Colloquium, dedicated on this occasion to the speleological studies of Cuba, began with a lecture on the caverns of Holguín province, among the most important ones in the country.

Juan José Guarch del Monte, an outstanding speleologist and researcher, told the Cuban News Agency on Tuesday that among the main cave systems are those located in the Cerros Cársicos of Maniabón, in the Güirito-Punta de Mangle Plain, in the municipality of Gibara.

Also the karst system of Banes, with a great relevance for the evidence of the aboriginal presence in the Caribbean area, where the golden idol stands out, exhibited in the Indo-Cuban Museum Bani, located in that town, known as the Archaeological Capital of the Caribbean archipelago.

He pointed out that these geographic features are more than 130,000 years old and are composed of limestone rocks of recent formation from the archeological point of view and show evidence of prehistoric fauna.

He emphasized that one of the most important areas for this type of research is Polja del Cementerio, made up of a system of subterranean caves that communicate with each other and are inhabited by blind fish or lucífugas, exclusive to the area and characterized by fleeing from light and a diet based on shrimp and crustaceans.

The event, held at Carlos de la Torre y Huerta Natural History Museum, aims at promoting studies on Ibero-American customs and particularly Indo-American ones and paying special tribute to the prestigious intellectual born in the Cuban City of the Parks.

The activities will also include book presentations, panels, lectures and exhibitions, with the participation of teenagers and young people, in coordination with the schools of the historic center of the city.

José Juan Arrom was a professor, researcher and essayist from Holguín who died in Massachusetts, United States, in 2007; he graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts and a Doctor of Philosophy degree and dedicated his life to the study of Cuban and Latin American history, culture and literature.

With information by Eileen Esther Molina Fernández  – ACN / Translated by Radio Angulo


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