cristino, naranjo, cacocum
Entrance to Cristino Naranjo town, in Cacocum municipality. Photo: Roxana Guisado

Transformations continue in Cristino Naranjo, Cacocum

The transformation of the sugar sector and the improvement of the quality of life of the people living near the sugar mill is the basis for the project carried out in the town of Cristino Naranjo, where the factory is located in the heart of the batey (town) and is the main axis of the community.

This town belongs to the municipality of Cacocum, an eminently agricultural territory recognized for its sugar tradition, located to the south of the city of Holguin.

The project foresees to improve the constructive state of different facilities of all the sectors, as well as to create others for the benefit of the inhabitants.

The actions are framed according to their complexity and the time for their culmination foresees historical dates: April 4th, May 1st and July 26th.

Among the most representative works for the community are the casita infantil (children’s care house), belonging to the sugar mill, which will benefit the working mothers of the sugar sector, with the prospect of extending to other sectors.

There is also the new casa de abuelos (grandparents care home), which will improve the health and quality of life of some elderly people without family support or a caregiver.

Similarly, there is the asphalting of the road and the renovation of facilities such as the cultural complex, the bakery, the bus terminal and the polyclinic.

On the other hand, there are actions related to urban agriculture, which has the task of producing an organoponic vegetable garden in the jurisdiction.

In the case of the Labor and Social Security Directorate, the premise is to continue with the survey of vulnerable cases and the attention to mothers with three or more children.

The Municipal Housing Directorate will continue with the construction and maintenance of houses, the rehabilitation of roofs and the eradication of dirt floors in Cacocum.

By Roxana Guisado Fernández

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