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The Provincial Film Center in Holguin celebrated the 65th anniversary of ICAIC with a concert. Photo: Holguin Cinema

Concert “Cinema” to celebrate in Holguin 65 years of ICAIC

Adapted to a new space, the recently refurbished Cine Marti of the Cuban city of parks, but with identical rigor and quality as in its first delivery, the show “Cinema, the concert”, by Holguin Symphony Orchestra under the conduction of maestro Oreste Saavedra, returned to the stage to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC), founded on March 24, 1959.

The orchestra was accompanied by soloists Claudia Verdecia and Yosbel Martínez, students of Lyric Singing at the University of the Arts; the vocal group Bella Voce and Yordanis Sera, actor of the Oral Narration Company “Palabras al viento”.

“Cinema” ratified that great films always correspond to memorable music; such is the case of “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark”, “Schindler’s List”, “Harry Potter”, “Pink Panther”, “Cinema Paradiso”, “Mission Impossible”, “Phantom of the Opera”, “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Star Wars”, whose soundtracks were played by the Holguin Symphony Orchestra, while the big screen exhibited unforgettable scenes.

In addition to these classics of the history of cinema, two iconic pieces of the national filmography were added: “Una novia para David”, directed by Orlando Rojas, from which “Ámame como soy” was played, and “Fresa y Chocolate”, by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea and Juan Carlos Tabío, whose main theme belongs to maestro José María Vitier.

Attendees also enjoyed “Veinte años”, a composition by María Teresa Vera that accompanies the animated short film of the same name by Cuban filmmaker Bárbaro Joel Ortiz, winner of the Special Jury Prize at the 2009 International Festival of New Latin American Cinema.

During the evening, eight workers were recognized for their 25 and 30 years of work, as well as professionals and institutions linked to ICAIC in the province, including producer Artemio Leyva, the Provincial Company of Accommodation and Gastronomy and the provincial radio station Radio Angulo, for their permanent support to Cuban cinema.

In addition to the concert “Cinema”, previously presented at the Eddy Suñol Theater and the Gibara International Film Festival and winner of the Cultural Event of the Year Award 2023, the Provincial Film Center in Holguin proposes until March 30 an intense day of screenings, among which stand out jewels of national cinema such as “Memories of Underdevelopment”, “Portrait of Teresa”, “Lucia”, “The Brigadier” and “Guantanamera”.

Just three months after the triumph of January, the ICAIC was born, giving life to a new Cuban cinema, lucid and daring, decolonizing and Latin Americanist, in dialogue with the plurality of artistic and cultural expressions of the island.

By Aniel Santiesteban García

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