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Yunia Pérez, vice governor of the province, chairing the economic analysis, together with Joan Palmero, member of the Provincial Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba in Holguin, and coordinator Alberto Leyva (left). Photo: Osvaldo Perez

Compliance of economic indicators in Holguin checked

Executives of key areas of the economy in Holguin assessed the main economic indicators of the province at the end of January, the results of which are not favorable. The meeting, held at ExpoHolguin trade and fair grounds, also analyzed other Government projections to correct and promote local development.

The analysis focused on the 18 companies which closed the first month of the year with losses, among them entities which provide services to the population and which had difficulties in acquiring sufficient raw materials due to the difficult financial situation of the country, although they apply work and productive chaining strategies with the new economic actors.

It was reported that statistical indiscipline persists in several basic business units and therefore in companies with unrecorded economic facts that give rise to unreliable accounting, a situation that distorts the overall results of the economy in the province.

On the other hand, the progress of the discussion process of this year’s economic plan was checked, an activity led by the Central de Trabajadores de Cuba with the participation of managers from the central level of each agency.

Meanwhile, as regards the tax system, it was learned that of the 1,200 taxpayers in the territory, only 555 have filed their tax returns, and of 200 MSMEs, only 60 have complied with their tax obligations, in addition to the significant backlog of state enterprises.

During this meeting, the company Interfaz de Ciencia y Tecnología de la Universidad de Holguín (ECIT SA) was presented, which will provide economic control services with specialists and young talented graduates of the different specialties of Economics.

This mercantile society will contribute to a better management of the economy indicators in the production and services sectors of the province that face difficulties in the completion of the staffs of the economic area due to the migration of specialists to the new economic actors in search of better salaries.

At the end of the meeting, it was announced that the production and delivery of exportable items will be checked in an upcoming special meeting.

The working day was presided over by Yunia Pérez, vice governor of the province, and Joan Palmero, member of the Provincial Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba in the territory.

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