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Acuanipe workers. Photo: Juan Pablo Carreras

Aquaculture enterprise in Holguin contributes to food sovereignty

The Acuanipe Basic Business Unit, located in the municipality of Mayarí in Holguín province, contributes to the food sovereignty of the territory through the diversification of its offers to the population.

This state entity produces mortadella, sausages, croquettes, hamburgers, taking into account high quality standards and food safety, with fish and chicken mince as the main raw materials, Osvaldo Pérez Duerto, general director of the facility, told ACN.

He stressed that in the processing rooms of the industry, about three tons of these lines are obtained daily, destined to social institutions, vulnerable sectors, prioritized programs and the network of fishmongers in the municipalities of Mayarí, Cueto, Banes and other localities, after coordination with government authorities.

At the same time, it promotes the substitution of imports with the delivery of fish for medical diets, as well as the export of Tenca hg, whose profits are invested in the improvement of the machinery and the benefit of the workers, he said.

He also pointed out that the company works with farmers in the area for the use of extenders such as cabbage, okra, beans and rice flour, used in the production of seasoned minced meat, which provides alternatives in view of the increase in the price of raw materials.

Acuanipe is also involved in the sowing of fry in Nipe and Sabanilla dams which, after 180 days, are the fundamental content in the manufacture of the assortments, at the same time that it provides new sources of employment, indicated the executive.

The entity, attached to the Holguin Fishing Enterprise, has self-consumption plots, aimed at improving the workers’ lunch and giving value to the use of the land in the planting of short-cycle crops, especially viands and vegetables.

Cuba’s national nutrition education program promotes long-term projects to produce food in a sustainable way, reducing dependence on external means and inputs, with respect for cultural diversity and environmental responsibility.

With information from ACN  / Translated by Radio Angulo

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