maintainance, Felton, Mayari, Holguin
Maintenance continues at the Felton Thermoelectric Plant in Mayari. Photo. Taken from ACN

Maintenance at Felton Thermoelectric Power Plant at a good pace     

The programmed maintenance of turbo group one of Lidio Ramón Pérez thermoelectric power plant in Felton, in the municipality of Mayarí, in Holguín province, is currently focused on the boiler, which is the main reason for the stop from the National Electricity System (SEN).

One of the main objectives of the work is to restore the unit’s availability to 240 megawatts (MW) after 213 days and 15 hours of continuous generation, considered a record of operation for a thermal block in Cuba.

Roger González Guzmán, director of production in that industry, told journalist Emilio Rodríguez, of Radio Mayarí station, that after more than nine months of the latest washing, it was urgent to carry out a cleaning cleaning, taking into account the dirt caused by the ashes and charcoal from the fuel combustion.

The executive explained that after this procedure is finished, a complete inspection will be carried out to determine if it is necessary to replace some pipe fragments, known as “mochetas”, which are out of parameters.

Later, he commented, they will carry out the hydraulic test, which after the slagging process, will make it possible to know the state of the pipes that make up the convective axis of the furnace.

Simultaneously, they are working on correcting the limitations of the output transformer, as well as on cleaning the condenser, in order to achieve greater efficiency in the turbine and reduce fuel consumption to produce the same amount of electricity, he emphasized.

González Guzmán pointed out that on this occasion, taking into account the stability of the temperature and vibration parameters of the bearings, it has not been necessary to carry out work on the turbine.

The maintenance is on schedule for 13 days, although the specialist acknowledged that there is a slight delay of eight hours, which can be made up, due to the rains that affected the place and it is expected that on December 3 the machine will be able to start the start-up process.

Currently, the dismantling of the boiler of block two is being carried out in this industry, included in the rehabilitation it is undergoing, damaged by a fire in July 2022, when it was estimated to incorporate around 220 MW to the SEN.

As part of the work, in recent days, the boiler dome was lowered, a device located in the upper area of the structure, more than 30 meters high and weighing more than 127 tons, whose function is to feed water to the pipes for its operation and, in turn, to supply the steam needed by the turbine.

The operation, carried out for the first time in the country, took about three hours to complete, involved foreign assistance, special lifting equipment and marks a milestone in the handling of large structures in Cuba.

With information from ACN / Translated by Radio Angulo

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