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Lidis Lamoru singing at Lenin hospital. Photo: Osvaldo George

Music from the heart for those who bring health

The best way Lidis Lamoru found to thank the health professionals from Vladimir Ilich Lenin General Teaching Hospital for the lives they save every day was through her music, a presentation that took place on November 4, in the theater of the distinguished health care center, as part of the activities developed in Holguin, on the occasion of the 58th anniversary of the hospital.

The concert especially designed for the enjoyment of the family that integrates the Lenin’s community was also a reason for the commemoration of the singer-songwriter’s 30 years of artistic life. Hence, to the rhythm of well-known songs such as “Don Lagartijo” and “Yo lo sé hacer”, there was also space for songs belonging to her most recent phonogram “Luz y Corazón”.

Music from the heart for those who bring health

lidis, music, lenin, hospital
Presentation of Lidis Lamorú at the Vladimir Ilich Lenin General Teaching Hospital. Photo: Osvaldo George
As Marti’s ideology states “only man is great who never loses the child’s heart”, the musical gift of La rosa del Parque was for those present, an outpouring of Cuban craftsmanship from an artist who has been committed to children’s music since her beloved Holguin.

Her professional career, backed by 10 albums, is identified in the new generations of Holguin and Cuba fans who have grown up enjoying her work, from the first moments in which she became known in the music scene, starring in the television program El patio de Gabriela, to the present day, when she has an acclaimed career.

The hospital giant celebrates its 58th anniversary on November 7. This was the first hospital inaugurated in eastern Cuba after the revolutionary triumph. This year, on the occasion of this date, several activities have been carried out, including a scientific conference, recognition of outstanding professionals, blood donations and intergenerational meetings.

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