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Universitary Radio Festival in Holguin, Cuba

Cuba: National University Radio Festival nears in Holguin

Five months after the call for the 14th National University Radio Festival, more than 200 works have been received, which come from all the Cuban provinces, representing thirty higher education centers.

The Oscar Lucero Moya campus of the University of Holguin – the competition venue – will receive 90 delegates from the 23 to the 26 of May, where 48 students will be present at the time others will take the on-line participation; 16 invited guests and 15 jurors with long and rich experience in the evaluation of artistic works will accompany the university students.

In this competition for young radio broadcasters, 55 awards will be given for the 8 categories and 10 individual awards; 6 radio products will also be distinguished with collateral awards from the National Directorate of the Federation of University Students (FEU), Holguin Radio Provincial Broadcasting System, Radio Rebelde, Radio Taíno, CITMA (Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment) and the National Hermanos Saiz Association (AHS).

The program of the event includes master lectures, radio production workshops, live programs and links with national radio stations, visits and tours of historical sites and the always timely exchange of experiences with delegations from the rest of Cuban universities.

Based at the University of Holguin, the National Radio Festival, founded in 1998, aims to train lovers of the medium through the exchange of topics related to radio topics and its transforming insertion in the university community.

With information from University of Holguín

Radio Angulo (CMKO) is a station that maintains a close link with the University of Holguin through the training of professionals in their practices, and gives them so much love and teachings that many of them pick up working for this medium once they graduate.

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