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Bayado Winemakers Club presented its artisanal wines at "Potenciamos lo local". Photo: Juan Pablo Carreras/ACN

Bayado winemakers present at local fair in Holguin

The presentation of the products of the Bayado Winemakers Club marked the start of the Second Development Fair “Potenciamos lo local” (Let’s strengthen the local), a space to promote commercial alliances and the exploitation of regional resources.

This handcrafted beverage is representative of the cultural traditions of this northeastern Cuban province at national level and is consolidated as one of the areas with potential for the signing of collaboration agreements.

Manuel Hernández Aguilera, governor of the province, highlighted during the opening ceremony the importance of this space in the realization of new projects, which improve the quality of life in the communities and contribute to the preservation of local values.

He emphasized that among the objectives is also to promote the productive chain as an alternative to replace imports and take advantage of the opportunities of each locality, based on science and innovation.

More than 40 companies, new economic actors and self-employed workers from Mayarí, Banes, Cacocum, Calixto García and the provincial capital, and sectors such as Food, Commerce and Hydraulic Resources participated in the event, held at Expo Holguín Fairgrounds.

The fair comprised collateral activities, among them, book presentations, signing of agreements, promotion of good practices and training in legal issues, sponsored by the provincial government, the Cuban Association of Social Communicators and the Articulated Platform for Local Development (Padit).

Holguín has more than 500 companies, including state, private and non-agricultural cooperatives, and implements a broad program that encourages areas such as food production, the use of renewable energy and services aimed at diversifying offers to the population.

With information from Eileen Molina Fernández – ACN / Translated by Radio Angulo

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