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The best of Holguin's innovative potential will be showcased at Expo-Anir Soluciones Cuba. Photo: Lianne Fonseca

Third edition of Expo-Anir Soluciones Cuba will start in Holguín

The third edition of the Expo-Anir Soluciones Cuba (Expo-Anir Solutions Cuba), scheduled for April 18 and 19, will start in Holguin province and will showcase the innovative potential of this eastern territory.

According to information provided by Niurka Acosta Martínez, provincial president of the National Association of Innovators and Rationalizers (ANIR), the event, to be held at the Expo-Holguín Fairgrounds, aims at visualizing solution opportunities for current problems that can favor the country’s economic development and promote linkages and alliances among the participating actors.

It is also intended that the interaction among innovators will result in projects and comprehensive programs for local, territorial and national development.

The exhibition, which will be held for the third straight year, will allow government authorities to identify innovators with the potential to form part of groups that can provide a quick response to production and service problems.

The Holguin version of “Soluciones Cuba” will focus, as in the whole country, on priority issues such as circular economy, food production, sugar industry, exports, renewable energy, health services and informatization of society, among others.

ANIR, according to Ecured, is an organization that promotes and orients the creative initiative of Cuban workers towards the search for solutions to important socioeconomic problems of the country.

With information by Lianne Sarahi Fonseca Dieguez

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