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Diaz-Canel closed Women's Congress

Cuba’s zero tolerance to gender violence, Díaz-Canel ratifies

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel ratified Friday his country’s zero tolerance to gender violence and urged to improve prevention systems.

At the closing ceremony of the eleventh Congress of the Federation of Cuban Women, the head of state said that to confront this scourge it is not enough with the police and the courts, he also considered it necessary to improve the systems of popular and family education at the community level with prophylactic, preventive approaches.

He stressed that preventive action is particularly needed in the community, in the neighborhood, with timely identification of each case prone to gender-based violence.

He stressed that although the scourge of violence against women does not reach in the country brutal expressions that occur in others, “the cases that appear with regrettable frequency are enough to make us indignant and act”.

Díaz-Canel indicated that the enemies of the Cuban Revolution conveniently and tendentiously use and manipulate the figures.

For the State, he said, a single case is alarming and unacceptable, “because it is about people, human beings, lives that have been cut short, lacerated, as a result of the existence of denigrating patterns of a patriarchy incompatible with the principles of a socialist society”.

A single name of a raped woman should be enough to make us feel indignant and act with energy at a political and legal level, he affirmed.

He denounced that subversive anti-Cuban platforms try to impose the matrix that feminicide exists on the island, a term that indicates a strong state inaction in the face of gender-based violence.

The president categorically assured that this is a media construction completely alien to the reality of the Caribbean nation.

He recalled that his country has legal norms with very precise sections, which verify as a crime the most diverse figures that can undermine the physical, psychological or moral integrity of women.

To cite just one example, in 2023 the Cuban courts punished 61 perpetrators of murders of women, he said.

He detailed that in 93 percent of the cases, the penalties exceeded 20 years and five of them were sentenced to life imprisonment.

The Head of State called on the members of the FMC to work intensively from the delegations and blocks of the organization to have an impact on the lives of people in vulnerable situations.

He highlighted that the Congress coincides with International Women’s Day, a date marked by the rebellion of women against a discriminatory order prevailing globally.

In her speech, she reiterated her condemnation of Israel’s genocide against the Palestinian people, particularly against the women and children of that territory.

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