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Members of the Community of People with the Condition of Albinism (CPAC) Photo: Maylín Betancourt

Holguin’s achievements on awareness day on albinism condition

The province of Holguin commemorates this June 13 the International Day for the awareness of people with the condition of albinism, which has turned into the national headquarters of this community – called Piel de Coral (Coral Skin)-, with an important work and achievements reached in spite of the short time it has been founded (March 2023).

One of its founders, Iliana Pupo Herrera, Master of Science, explained to Radio Angulo web site that they continue to grow and have founded branches in the provinces of Las Tunas and Santiago de Cuba.

She added that the celebrations revolve around the theme: “Ten years of the International Albinism Awareness Day: A decade of collective progress”.

She also pointed out that “this day is celebrated around the world to publicize the progress made within the albinism movement in recent years, as well as a renewed commitment to the future, to highlight the tireless efforts on going on with the legal, political and practical changes, which are still needed to ensure full and equal enjoyment of the full and equal enjoyment of the rights of people with this condition.

“Our history is more than 20 years old and just over ten years since the community was founded, but it has really taken off when representing the rights of people with albinism at the UN”, she said.

She said that “Cuba, unlike all the countries of the world and international groups, has a song that is already representing us in the country and in the world, written by Dr. Frank Fernandez Nieto, who is the leader of the albino community in Santiago de Cuba; it is called Fiesta en Cuba. It is a conga, very Cuban with very suggestive lyrics”.

Having a comprehensive consultation of specialties demanded by those who live with this condition is one of the most important steps taken to improve the quality of life of people with albinism, a proposal that will be progressively generalized to the rest of Cuba, according to this sociologist.

“Seven other provinces have their own multidisciplinary clinics that carry out health actions by date”, she said and added that a thing new here is that for the first time in the morning, a meeting took place between representatives of the Foundation simply friends of Argentina and members of the National Board of Directors, at Sol Internacional Clinic in Varadero.

Holguin’s achievements on awareness day on albinism condition

The Community of People with the Condition of Albinism has grown to 756 members as of today – in all Cuba, with the goal of reaching a thousand by the to reach one thousand with the work of the Casa de Iberoamérica and the Retinitis Pigmentosa

Retinitis Pigmentosa Center, as national headquarters.

In this way, in the remaining provinces of the country, work is being done to identify this population in order to identify this population for the creation of future affiliates.

future branches, because although progress has been made in the social acceptance of albino people, many of them still suffer from discrimination and discrimination.

This celebration arises as a result of the resolution adopted in December 2014, by the UN General Assembly, where from 2015 onwards, the International Day for the proclaims the International Albinism Awareness Day.

This is the emergence of the “Global Albinism Alliance” (GAA) and the “Latin American Albinism Union” (LAU), corporations, foundations and groups to which Cuba joined with the creation of the Coral Skin Community.

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