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Section History

Barbados Crime, Wound that Never Closes

The abominable crime of Barbados. Photo: Cubadebate.cu
On October 6, 1976, murderous hands killed the lives of 73 people traveling on a commercial flight from Cubana de Aviación. The abominable crime of Barbados remains unpunished after 41 years, and Cuba continues to demand justice.

The coins in Cuba

The coins in Cuba. Photo: radioenciclopedia.cu
If we go back to the origins of the history of the coin in Cuba, we could point to indications in the early days of the colony with Spain, between 1512 and 1515, when gold bars were used in Bayamo and Santiago de Cuba, which were divided according to the volume of the transactions, in order to cover the need of money that had our colonizers for the operations of commerce.