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Section History

Jose Julian Marti Perez, Honor to Honor

jose marti muerte aniversario f archivoThis May 19 of 2015 all Cuba remembers the 120 years of the killing in action in Dos Rios of the country’s National Hero, Jose Julian Marti Perez, who is fairly called the most universal of all Cubans. This date is right to honor a man who deserves all the praise of the world because it would comprise all our gratitude to someone who devoted all his time and effort for the freedom of his nation, exploited then by the unmerciful Spanish colonial rule, in addition to his will of unity for all Latin American.

Mariana Grajales Coello, the Brave Mother of Cubans

mariana grajales f archivo sierra maestraThe Dominican couple by Jose Grajales and Teresa Coello, prophesied how his daughter would be like, when on July 12, 1815 they baptized the child in the parish of St. Thomas in Santiago de Cuba with the name of Mariana that in Latin means merciful and compassionate woman. That way she was as the mother of thirteen own children and in general of all Cubans.

Lucia and Imprisonment of Calixto Garcia in Spain (Second Part)

Imprisonment of Calixto Garcia in Spain (First Part)

calixto garcia f aldiaCalixto Garcia Iñiguez was born in the city of Holguin, in Cuba’s northeastern region, to a family of landholders. Since very young his parents took him to Jiguani, a jurisdiction located in the center of the Cuban Eastern Department. He also lived and worked in the nearby city of Bayamo, where he fed from the locals the thirst for the country’s independence.