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Section History

When Cuba beat illiteracy

Teacher of the primary level teaches spelling classes to students in a school in El Quemado, in the municipality of Frank País in the province of Holguín. Photo: Lisandra Cardoso (archieve)
On December 22, 1961, Cuba was proclaimed a Territory Free of Illiteracy, and with this, what was promised by the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, to eliminate that scourge in the country. That date was instituted for obvious reasons such as Educator's Day

Barbados Crime, Wound that Never Closes

The abominable crime of Barbados. Photo: Cubadebate.cu
On October 6, 1976, murderous hands killed the lives of 73 people traveling on a commercial flight from Cubana de Aviación. The abominable crime of Barbados remains unpunished after 41 years, and Cuba continues to demand justice.