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Section History

Cuba: The Mambi Ten Cent Stamp

Cuba's ten cent stamp. Photo: Radio Rebelde
It has a green color and has the Cuban Republic coat of arms and it cost $ ten cents. It had an easy production and a high historical value apart from being effective. It is about the locally well-known as Sello mambi (Mambi stamp) which began its circulation even in the middle of the local mambi conflict.

A Flying Vessel in Nipe Bay, Cuban Province of Holguin

The German hydroplane Dornier X anchored in Antilla, today's Cuban province of Holguin. Photo: archive Radio Banes
The biggest and most amazing of the hydroplanes ever built, the celebrated Dornier Do X, descended majestically at 11:45 of the morning of the 21 of August, 1931, in Nipe bay; thus marking for history one of the biggest events for aviation in Cuba, an event that turned 85 some days ago.

Banes' Rising Against Dictator Fulgencio Batista

View of the Cuban city of Banes, in today's Holguin province.Photo: Radio Rebelde
These days the we are commemorating the 63 anniversaries of the attacks to the garrisons Moncada, in Santiago de Cuba, and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, in Bayamo, opposing the terrorist regime of dictator Fulgencio Batista Zaldivar, we feel the need of saying that Banes was the first place from today's Holguin province to plot against the coup of March 10th, l952, headed by that sadly famous Cuban president.
Banes Combatant in Bay of Pigs Still Committed