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Section Holguin

Holguin Province Ready for Partial Elections Today

elecciones cuba f sierramaestraThis April 19 all Cuba gets abandoned to the partial elections called on to elect the district delegates to the Municipal Assemblies of the People’s Power (local government), who will be in office representing the electors for a two year and a half term.

Holguin Efforts to Bring Health Back to Nipe Bay

The town of Antilla bathed by Nipe bay. Photo: Amauris BetancourtThe recovery of Nipe should go through its cleaning, due to the fact the municipalities of Mayari, Cueto and Antilla, as well as the south of Banes and the eastern part of Baguano, have caused damaged - directly and indirectly - to Cuba’s biggest bag bay; thus brining with it harms to that natural source of water, the natural resources associated to it, mainly by the important human settlements located in the area, and the economic installations and facilities there.

Holguin Assesses Biological Risks at Key Ecosystems

The Day Holguin Turned into the Cuban Capital

alain01 amauris07Holguin, the country’s capital; at least that’s what many newspapers headlined a day after April 11, 1916 when the monuments to generals Calixto Garcia and Julio Grave de Peralta were inaugurated in the parks baptized after those two fighters for the country’s freedom from Spanish colonial rule, born in the northeastern city of Holguin.