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Section Holguin

Canadian Brigade to Celebrate May Day in Holguin

More than 1,400 foreigners will celebrate May Day in Cuba, including 35 members of the 25th Canadian Solidarity Brigade Che Guevara, which will arrive in Holguin today to attend the International Workers Day parade in the Revolution Square Mayor General Calixto García.

La Jiquima, a True Land for Citric Fruits in Holguin

La Jiquima. Photo taken from radiojuvenil.icrt.cu
In order to recover the production of citric fruits at La Jiquima agriculture and ranching company of the Cuban municipality of Calixto Garcia, they have put into practice a program that has paved the way for higher results insight. Today, they have young seeds at its technified nursery, and have planted more than 60 hectares of Persian lime, grapefruit and orange.