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Section Holguin

Holguin, Hosts of the 2nd National Shop on Town Building

Banes downtown. Photo: Radio Banes
The Second National Shop on Comprehensive Town Building will take place in the northeastern city of Holguin. The event sponsored by the National Association of Architects and Civil Engineers is scheduled for the eighth and ninth of upcoming November.

Ranchers from Calixto Garcia, Millions of Pesos to Holguin Dairy

Ranchers from Calixto Garcia have supplied milk to the dairy and exceeded the year's plan. Photo of a dairy there by Radio Juvenil
The ranchers from the municipality of Calixto Garcia ratified their leading position in the northeastern Cuban province of Holguin by selling two millions of litters of milk to the milk Dairy several days before the date set in the year's plan; which also is a new production record.