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Nurse measures the pressure of the pregnant woman admitted to the maternal home. Photo: Girón
She passed by me like a beam of white light, fast as his colleagues almost always go. His impeccable uniform and his cap on his head, symbol of his profession. I remember that as a child I was afraid of all of them because I always believed that they would inject me. Over the years I understood that they do much more than that and that their work saves, sometimes from anonymity. And it is that each nurse and nurse is safeguarding the health and well-being of millions of people.

Hospital accreditation process takes the first steps in Holguín

  • Written by Maylín Betancourt Verdecia
Hospital Vladimir Ilich Lenin of Holguín. Photo: Lisandra Cardoso (Archive)
Hospital accreditation is today one of the most important processes that occupy the main health centers in Holguin, a step in charge of evaluating the level of satisfaction of patients and relatives in relation to medical services.