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Section Health

Cuban Pediatrics Congress to Show its Achievements

  • Written by Olga Lydia González Asen
Cuban Pediatrics Congress to Show its Achievements. Photo: Radio Habana Cuba
Proud of its achievements like the reduction of the infant mortality rate in the country during 2017 with 4.0 per one thousand live births the lowest in history and under five for the 10th consecutive year , the Cuban Pediatric Society will hold its Congress.

Sistematicity against the mosquito, guaranteed effectiveness

  • Written by Maylín Betancourt Verdecia
Fumigation and autofocal help eliminate the aedes aegypti mosquito in the province of Holguín.Photo:Lisandra Cardoso(archieve)
Although talking about aedes aegypti in Holguín does not suppose novelty and seems to be an issue, that in the words of the good Cuban it rains on wet, the eminent need to eliminate it continues.

A house, a home, a family

A grandmother from Holguín. Photo_ Amauris Betancourt (archieve)
Those who pass by the house and look inside do not see sad faces or loneliness. Maybe some glasses will appear from a window, while a mouth will draw a smile. The luckiest may take a gesture of goodbye made by a hand that has not lost beauty, despite the years. Those who live there for a few hours know of household joys and shared happiness