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Section Health

Cubans recognize the work of healthcare professionals

Cubans recognize the work of healthcare professionals. Photo: Cubasí.cu
Every December 3, patients and family members all over Cuba, congratulate their doctors, nurses, and healthcare technicians. The date marks the day in Camagüey, 1833, when Carlos Juan Finlay Barrés was born; an eminent Cuban doctor who discovered that yellow fever is transmitted through mosquitoes, and developed a treatment for neonatal tetanus.

Cuban medical brigade returns from Mexico

Cuban doctors return to Cuba. Photo: Omara Garcia Mederos
The 40 Cuban health professionals, who helped the victims of the last September´s earthquakes in Mexico, returned today to Cuba after a moving good-bye filled with endless expressions of gratitude by the authorities and the population of the City of Ixtepec, in the state of Oaxaca.