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Section Health

Holguin hospital receives new equipment

Lenin hospital in Holguín. Photo: Lisandra Cardoso
Vladimir Ilich Lenin Hospital in the province of Holguin will extend its services to the population in 2017 with the installation of new medical equipment that will benefit oncology, neonatology and obstetrics patients, among other specialties.

Cuban Heberprot, a Total Antagonist to Limb Amputations

Dr. Zaimar Rodriguez (left) with a nurse in charge of the Group of Clinical Trials in the province of Holguin. Photo: Courtesy of Dr. Zaimar Rodriguez
In order to learn about the use of Heberprot-P in the Cuban province of Holguin and the results reached on patients suffering from foot ulcer, Radio Angulo talked to First Lieutenant and Dr. Zaimar Rodriguez Feria, who runs the Group of Clinical Trials of the Provincial Directorate of Public Health of this northeastern jurisdiction.