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Section Culture

Cuban Symposium on Hemingway Attracts Over a Hundred Specialists

The admiration for the life and work of US writer Ernest Hemingway will again bring closer specialists and experts on the Nobel Prize for Literature, who will attend the 15th International Symposium dedicated to the novelist and short stoy teller, to be held in the Cuban capital city - June 18 tru 21.

Cubans Delighted by the Hermanos Ajo Organ Band

By the spring of 1914, the Cuban rural settlement of Redencion enjoyed for the first time ever the organ. Locals were first amazed at a “wardrobe” which got there on a cart driven by oxen. But soon they were bewitched at the beat of the organ, which then was kind of a travelling fiesta, and that attracted people because its interpreter should pull a lever to produce that infectious music that made the rural dwellers leave home and dance. Among the people so deeply surprised was Jose Ajo Gongora, who owned a shop there, but that two months later went to the city of Holguin to hire the instruments and organize balls, thus making his business grow.