solomon-islands-opens-embassy-in-havana-cubaSolomon Islands Opens Embassy in Havana, Cuba

The Prime Minister of Solomon Islands, Gordon Darcy Lilo, presided over this Thursday the opening of his country's embassy in Havana, as part of his official visit to Cuba, to run until July 27. This is the only embassy of all the Pacific islands opened in Latin America.

lilibet-a-rural-flower-in-the-cuban-province-of-holguinLilibet, a Rural Flower in the Cuban Province of Holguin

Lilibet Quiñones Martinez is without a doubt an attractive young Cuban girl that to her fortune and joy was chosen as the "Flor de la Campiña Holguinera" (Rural Flower from Holguin Province), a beauty contest for girls living at cooperative farms from the province of Holguin, which this year was hosted by the town of San Andres.

Cuban Lelis Marina Rodriguez Suarez Turns 102

holguin-power-plant-in-felton-safer-todayHolguin: Power Plant in Felton, Safer Today

Fuel supply to the Lidio Ramon Perez thermoelectric plant, located in the municipality of Mayari in the Cuban province of Holguin, more efficient operation is achieved today after the replacement of an underwater pipeline for another one, 3000 meter long and without a dout safer.

holguin-universities-more-than-5-thousand-graduatesHolguin Universities: More than 5 Thousand Graduates

The Higher Education centers from the north-eastern Cuban province of Holguin graduated this 2013 – 2014 academic year more than five thousand professionals, who majored in different fields after five or six years.

Cuba: Thousands of New Teachers Upcoming School Year

moa-fiesta-for-35-years-of-its-radio-stationMoa: Fiesta for 35 Years of its Radio Station

The Cuban radio station La Voz del Niquel, located in the municipality of Moa, in the north-eastern province of Holguin, marks this July 24th the 35 years of its foundation. That station has about fifty different programs, most of them concerning news.

holguin-writer-grabs-national-awardHolguin Writer Grabs National Award

Cuban poet and writer Ronel Gonzalez Sanchez, from the north-eastern province of Holguin, just grabbed the "Paco Mir" National Award 2014, in the genre of poetry for children, for his book "La velada de los bichos" (The Evening of the Insects).

Holguin Grants Prize of Community Culture 2014


Holguin Universities: More than 5 Thousand Graduates

The Higher Education centers from the north-eastern Cuban province of Holguin graduated this 2013  ... 


Xi Jinping Ends Official Visit to Cuba

Chinese President Xi Jinping winds up an official visit to Cuba after visiting the south-eastern pro ... 

The World

Fidel Castro Decries Downing of Malaysian Plane and Supports Palestine

Fidel Castro, the Historic Leader of the Cuban Revolution, expressed his rejection for the downing o ... 


First Cuban 3D Film to Be Distributed in 10 Nations

About 10 countries, including the USA and France, inked contracts for the distribution of Meñique,  ... 


3 Holguin Players to Cuba Baseball Squad vs USA

Three baseball players from the north-eastern Cuban province of Holguin were included in the country ... 


Cuba: New TB Vaccine under Pre-clinical Tests

Cuban scientists are undertaking studies on the effectiveness of a new candidate vaccine against tub ... 

Reflection by Fidel Castro


What moved me to write was the fact that very serious events will be happening very soon. In our times, our species hardly spend ten or fifteen years without facing a true risk of disappearing. Neithe ... 

Los Cinco

The five

People in Antilla Demand Release of All The Five

The names of each of the Cuban antiterrorists stubbornly held by the US government, despite the world claim for their release, were heard in a different way in the town of Antilla, during a rally in s ... 

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Cuban National Hero, Jose Marti, in CELAC

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