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Section Vignettes

Lizard Maria Eating Pies in Holguin, Cuba

Lizard Maria eating pie in the Cuban city of Holguin. Photo: Alexis Rojas
Lizards are reptiles that never cease to take us by surprise. They are skillful hunters of insects, mainly flies, mosquitoes and other species found in any Cuban home; and it is that patience and speed are two of their most valuable weapons.

Banes Countryside Shines with Bewitching Landscapes

Coastal landscape. Photo: Radio Banes
One of the natural beauties that the Cuban municipality of Banes boasts of is its gorgeous landscapes; one can see that special green in the trees, plants and grass that get missed with the color of the soils and the sky. It is that that contrast makes them unique, and so attractive to locals that care for them for the wellbeing of the future generations.