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A Huge Crop in the Cuban Province of Holguin
Elier Peña Martinez. Photo: Leannis Berben Leyva
Toiling the land to produce food has been a top task, but today it gains much more significance to achieve the sustainable development of Cuban society.

That was why, the state granted people the right to lease lands for forestry, ranching and agriculture, mainly.

Take Elier Peña Martinez, who works the land in usufruct in the rural district he resides over, El Purial - Sao Arriba, in the municipality of Holguin.

Peña Martinez was given a 20 pound squash brought from the Cuban central province of Santi Spiritus, whose seeds were planted in some of the avenues of a yucca field.

The squashes started to grow, but to his surprise his squashes exceeded the weight of the one he was presented to, and whose size resemble soccer balls.

The first three squashes weighed 36, 42 and 45 pounds, respectively.

The squashes raised much admiration among locals and Peña Martinez himself who hopes the other ones to be yet cropped might weigh much more.

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