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Banes Roots Deep Within the Soul
Banes is felt right in the middle of the chest. No matter how far or for how long you are away from this land. Banes born people, true through and through children, always keep deep within the soul a piece of their hometown; it is something hard to explain.

It might be because of a drop of water from Morales beach, or the light coming out Lucrecia lighthouse, a white flower in Cardenas park, a warm breeze while walking along any street of this city, on an aerial view or from a height to admire the old tiny locomotive baptized Panchito, the glorieta in Marti park, the Hanoi movietheater, the bridge over Banes river, the Culture House, the ruins of Club Jamaica, its rivers, in fact, all the good things and the bad ones to be improved yet; it's all that feature of us that make us, perhaps, unique.

Yesterday Banes, different and the same today, and the seed we will be tomorrow. A piece of identity that we keep in the pocket, which makes us different and unique, and brings us closer.

And it is that being born in Banes means inheriting faults and virtues of a story that defines us right when we get to know it. Our way of making, behaving and thinking; all that come out just like that, by tradition, it is older than our grandparents. It is something seldom said today, which was vital yesterday and is sometimes forgotten. They call it values, cultural identity. I call it lineage. It is a presentation card, a symbol, a way of living.

Being proud of who we are, of behaving consciously and changing - for the wellbeing of our piece of the world - is what we owe to Banes. That thing that survives any decision taken; that unbeatable thing that will remain no matter we are there or not. The city that keeps watching us with its eyes for centuries now. But now it all depends on the new generation that live there who can make it be what it has always being, a city for those who know to love it and build it every time better. / By Daniuska Alvarez Guerrero – Radio Banes / Translated by Radio Angulo.

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