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An Overweight Yucca in the Cuban Province of Holguin
An overweight squash cropped in the municipality of Calixto Garcia, Holguin province. Photo: Iraldo Leyva – Radio Juvenil

Juan Carlos Maturell Garrido is originally from Santiago de Cuba, but has got deeply rooted in Buenaventura - the headtown of municipality of Calixto Garcia, where he has followed his will for landtoiling.

Another Curious Nature's Gift in Calixto Garcia, Holguin

He lives in La Esperanza neighborhood, in Buenaventura, where he grows beans, tomato, pepper, plantain, and yucca in the small lot he toils for the family sustenance.

But he never thought that nature would give him such a nice surprise, "I began digging and digging. And the truth is that it took me while to take it out. It was thick, and when I weighed the yucca I couldn't believe it was 19 pounds," said Maturell Garrido.

"The use of compost I myself make here, and water, I've been able to get a good deal of vegetables; despite the drought and the possible plagues; but I try hard," Maturell Garrido explained.

Santiago de Cuba natives are used to toiling small lots because there is no much space like in Holguin, he said, and added that he and his wife profit from the backyard they have and get good specimen, but nothing so big like this overweight yucca, he said with a wide smile on his face." / By Jose Luis Diaz Grass – Radio Juvenil / Translated by Radio Angulo.

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