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Lizard Maria Eating Pies in Holguin, Cuba
Lizard Maria eating pie in the Cuban city of Holguin. Photo: Alexis Rojas
Lizards are reptiles that never cease to take us by surprise. They are skillful hunters of insects, mainly flies, mosquitoes and other species found in any Cuban home; and it is that patience and speed are two of their most valuable weapons.

In my house they have made their way; they may stay unseen the whole day, but at night they show up, and despite the artificial light they put to work their skills, and starting then one can see them just by looking up to the ceiling.

Some of those animals are "part of the family already" – including two of them that have been baptized with common names, although they are not aware of such a fact.

There is a male lizard, fairly large, that we call Pancho. It sometimes presents us with its "red tie" under its neck. It is dark green for the most part, with some blue spots, but from time to time gets to shift the color of its skin to dark brown seeking for his perfect camouflage; no doubt it is a thing to see.

For its part Maria that is smaller is almost always going from green to brown, but with very black eyes.

I am writing this story for something that Maria did before my astonishing eyes.

I was sitting in my apartment when the sun was setting down. The sunlight was still fading away, I had not turned on the lamp yet because I live in a third floor in a building of Pedro Diaz Coello neighborhood, in Holguin city, where the sunlight takes time to go away.

And right at that time an unusual thing happened before my wide opened eyes. Maria just approached to the crumbs of a delicious coconut and peanut pie that had dropped, which she ate with great relish.

Pancho just watched from the distance and remained calm, away from the delicacy Maria has just swallowed.

The pie vendor of those delicious pies, who calls himself Mayito S.A. (Mayito Ltd.), could not believe the story.

Never in my life would I think that that small carnivorous saurian could add to its diet a pie, out of the range of its food chain; and to do it with so much pleasure.

Anaida, a neighbor of mine, told me that she has seen lizards eating cooked grains of rice and breadcrumbs, among other remains that we can hardly think of.

My new problem is that from now on I have to take Maria into account whenever having to buy pies; which I have to share with my family and a lizard inclined to eating that so delicious sweet that Cuban patissiers cook so nicely and that pie sellers cry everyday on the country's streets, urging everyone to please our mouth that waters at their call; even those with a discerning palate. / By Alexis Rojas Aguilera.

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