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Fidel Castro's Message to Nicolas Maduro Moros
Fidel Castro and Nicolas Maduro talking in Havana. Photo archive
Fidel Castro Ruz, the Historic Leader of the Cuban Revolution, sent to Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro Moros, a message stressing his brilliant and brave speech on December 6, just after the results of the legislative vote in that country were released.
Raul Castro to Maduro: We Will Always Stand by You

"I join the unanimous opinion of those who have congratulated you for your brilliant and brave speech on the evening of December 6, just after the verdict of the vote was learned," wrote Fidel.

In his message, Fidel says that the highest political glory that a revolutionary could ever reach was the case of the illustrious Venezuelan fighter and liberator Simon Bolivar, whose legacy does not only belong to that sister nation, but also to all Latin American countries.

Fidel recalled that Hugo Chavez understood and admired Bolivar and he fought for his ideas till his last minute. Then, Fidel said that the millions of children and young people who now attend the largest and most modern chain of public schools in the world are those of Venezuela.

The same thing can be said about that country's network of healthcare centers that assist that courageous people, which were however impoverished due to centuries of plunder by the Spanish colonial rule first and later by the big transnational companies, which extracted for over one hundred years the best of its oil reserves.

Fidel went on to say that history must also illustrate that the workers exist and they make it possible for the enjoyment of the most nutritious foods, the medicines, education, security, housing, and world solidarity. And this could lead to ask the oligarchs if they know all this.

The Cuban Revolution leader recalled that Cuban revolutionaries, at just few miles from the United States, which also dreamed of getting hold of Cuba to turn it into a hybrid casino and brothel, will never renounce their full independence and total respect for their dignity.

"I'm sure that only through peace for all people on the Earth and the right to turn into common property the natural resources of the planet, as well as sciences and technologies created by the human beings, we well be able to preserve human life on the Earth," Fidel noted.

In his message, Fidel recalled that security no longer exist for anybody as there are nine countries with nuclear weapons, one of those, the United States, launched two bombs that killed hundreds of thousands of people in just three days and inflicted physical and metal damage on millions of helpless persons.

The People's Republic of China and Russia know much better than the United States about the problems of the world, since they withstood terrible wars imposed by the blind selfishness of fascism, said Fidel and added "I have no doubts that for their historic tradition and their revolutionary experience, they will do their best effort to prevent a war and to contribute to the peaceful development of Venezuela, Latin America, Asia and Africa," he concluded his message to Maduro written December 10 at 6: 42 pm. / By Fidel Castro Ruz.

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