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Correa thinks No Vote in Consultation a Victory for the "Citizen Revolution" Movement
 Correa thinks No Vote in Consultation a Victory for the "Citizen Revolution" Movement
Former President Rafael Correa acknowledged 36 percent of the NO votes, promoted in questions 2, 3 and 6 of the popular referendum and referendum, as a victory for his movement "Citizen Revolution".

'Take 36 percent fighting against everything and everyone, from the extreme right to the extreme left, the media in favor of the government, a National Electoral Council totally biased, just we against the world,' Correa said on Sunday night in an interview with multi-state Telesur channel.

About 67 percent of YES votes represent 37 parties, while the NO votes are the opinion of a single movement, the Citizen's Revolution, a newly established party made up disaffiliated members of the ruling Alliance PAIS Movement and followers of the former president, he stated.

According to his statements, not only the call for consultation, but also questions 2 and 3, referred to the elimination of indefinite reelection and the cessation or replacement of the Citizen's Participation and Social Control Council, respectively, are unconstitutional.

In the case of the second question, Correa warned that it is retroactive and 'there is no retroactive law', while the third question was considered a coup d'état, because for one year, the temporary council, appointed by the executive, could dismiss officials as the attorney general, the comptroller, the Constitutional Court and the Judiciary Council, among other powers of the state.

Correa stated that the fight will continue in international courts, because the rule of law was lost in Ecuador and there is a clear break in the institutionality. He urged people to insist on recovering democracy.

Correa pointed out that Latin America should know what is happening in Ecuador, which is part of the setback and degradation existing in the region, and mentioned the trials of former Brazilian Presidents Dilma Rousseff and Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, as well as the attacks on Cristina Fernández, in Argentina.

'If the inter-American system does not react, the region is getting out of hands,' he said. With information of PL

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