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International Scientists Reject Alleged Acoustic Attacks
Embassy of the United States of America in Cuba. Photo: cubadebate.cu
The La Ciencia y los Ataques Acusticos (Science and the Acoustic Attacks) websites belonging to the Cuban Network of Science, published several opinions of international scientists and experts refuting the alleged aggressions against US embassy personnel in Havana.

Among them Neurologist Seth Horowitz in Business Insider, specialist in Neurosciences affirmed that: “there is no acoustic phenomenon in the world that can cause the symptoms that have been described”.

He explained that: “no known equipment that can be inaudible or undetectable can have the properties attributed to sonic weapons”.

“As long as there is no other evidence related to these weapons, this incident should be considered not of interest and other possible explanations must be taken into consideration for these medical problems”.

Biologist and PhD in Psychology James Jauchem, who has participated in different studies in the US Space Agency and School of Aerospace Medicine from the Armed Forces, said on The Verge website: “we do not have any elements to declare that we are talking about an acoustic weapon and skepticism will remain with the reports that have been published”.

Regarding the alleged acoustic attacks on the US diplomatic personnel in Havana, he added that it would be difficult to produce an ultrasonic weapon that can produce the effects that have been stated and experiments with animals have demonstrated that the infrasonic weapons are not practical.

Psychologist of the University of Texas and Director of the Psychology Department, James Pennebaker expressed on Buzz Feed News that the “massive hysteria” associated with the alleged acoustic incidents in Havana: “occur in a highly stressful environment where people frequently communicate in a nonverbal manner. Among westerners symptoms break out which are cultural signs of the ailment, nausea, headache and dizziness”.

All this, he said, shows the possibility that the initial illness provoked a breakout of psychogenic cases in a highly stressful environment in the US embassy while the diplomatic relations was reestablished with the Caribbean island.

The Cuban Network of Science website and the members of the Committee of Experts that have studied the alleged acoustic attacks on the US diplomatic personnel in Havana, will carry out on Wednesday and Thursday from 9am to 3pm, Cuba time an online Debate Forum on the issue which can be accessed on www.supuestoataques.redciencia.cu

Information and opinions will be exchanged with the international scientific community and other interested actors on the alleged acoustic attacks suffered by the US diplomatic personnel in Havana and during the debate people can exchange on whether the symptoms described can be a consequence of sonic agents; ailments; if it actually exists or not.

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