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Some Advise to Start a New and Brighter Day

Exercises pratice necessary for at sound lifre style. Photo: cubadeportes

The world said bye to 2016 barely a month ago. Celebrations are already part of our memories, but it is good to praise life, which is a divine present. That is why, I would like to share some pieces of advice to make every new day a great happening, as we very well know that we do today might impact tomorrow.

Ernesto Che Guevara, Cuban Citizen by Birth

The morning of February 10, 1959, newspaper hawkers on the streets shouted at the top of their lungs, "Che, Cuban citizen!" They were referring to a press release printed on the front page of that Tuesday's edition of the newspaper Revolución, announcing the Foundational Law approved by the Revolutionary Government, in a session which began on February 7 and ended during the dawn hours the following day.

Venezuela Publishes Works Dedicated to Fidel Castro

Daer Pozo Ramirez. Photo: Radio Juvenil
Words announce and denounce, but facts confirm; that is why the strength of those who make the verb an act that gets multiplied into millions. That is how Holguin writer Daer Pozo Ramirez started a text just published by a Venezuelan magazine.