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There is still a lot to do

The teacher and journalist Isabel Moya, during a conference on women offered at the Pernik hotel, in the city of Holguín. Photo: Archive
I met her in Havana when I was studying Cuban Feminism with Professor Julio César González Pagés. Everyone was happy and with amazement they said: "Isabelita Moya is coming, she is super knowledgeable about gender". Hardly anything was known about gender, only linguistics: os, as. She arrived, as I always saw her, accompanied by her husband, and for those we did not know, it was disconcerting to find so much joy, so much humor and so much knowledge of history and current affairs in the same person.

Happy Valentine’s Day

  • Written by Olga Lydia González Asen
Lovers at the San José Park in Holguin, shairing their love on  The Valentine’s Day. Photo: Lisandra Cardoso
To write some words about a subject such as love, it should be easy, many will think that, but it is not. When we talk about such transcendental topics and that in one way or another reach us all, it is difficult to put the ideas in order.