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Section Specials

Venezuela Publishes Works Dedicated to Fidel Castro

Daer Pozo Ramirez. Photo: Radio Juvenil
Words announce and denounce, but facts confirm; that is why the strength of those who make the verb an act that gets multiplied into millions. That is how Holguin writer Daer Pozo Ramirez started a text just published by a Venezuelan magazine.

A Clear Example of Modernization in Mariel, Cuba

Just as Cuba has attracted interest worldwide, principally as a result of the gradual but continuous updating of its economy, the country has transformed the principal example of this process: the Mariel Special Development Zone (ZEDM), an area of 465.4 square kilometers covered in vegetation and an ideal location to house the largest industrial park in the Caribbean and Central America.

Chronicle to Friends

Journalist Malena Almarales Rodriguez from Radio Angulo, with a smile as a blessing gift. Photo: Twitter
Friends that are always close to you are also waiting for a wise response before hard situations, as a proof of your capacity to face hardships. They stand there to see your hand waving to give you a hand, a piece of advice, an embrace, a phone call or send an email to make you know you can count on them.

The Virtues of the Cuban People

The majority of the Cuban people awoke last November 26 facing a tremendous blow, the country's heart and soul were mourning. Fidel Castro Ruz had gone the night before, quietly in the late hours, to avoid causing us more pain.