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Section Specials

Days with the smell of roast pork

Roast pork in Holguineras nights. Photo: Lisandra Cardoso=archieve?
These days you listen to friends and neighbors talking about what they will put on the table to say goodbye to the year, and are ready to dip into the yucca that is offered in the market, the black beans to make congrí or to give that point that leaves them "asleep" and ready to accompany with white rice and some good pork flakes and salad of lettuce and tomato

All the love for a smile

All the love for a smile. Photo: Lisandra Cardoso
For her there is no better gift than the smile of the little ones she receives in her every morning in her nursery school children Pequeños Proletarios of the city of Holguín. Her name is Mileydis Alana, but for the goblins and princesses of the third room, it is simply summed up in a word of love: “Seño”

The Story of a 26

Fidel Castro and some of fighting mates at the Moncada Garrison Attac. Photo: archieve
With the blood of my dead brothers, I write this document. They are the only motive that inspires it. More than freedom and life itself for us, we ask for justice for them. Thus Fidel Castro would write in his Manifesto to the Nation (Isle of Pines, Dec. 1952) referring to the massacre carried out by the Batista tyranny after the assault at the Moncada Garrison.