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World Needs Many More Men like Che Guevara

che guevara photo kordaOn the eighth of October 1967 Ernesto Che Guevara de la Serna was not killed in action because he rose from Bolivian lands to become the Heroic Guerrilla, the protagonist of a symbol in all the people's battles against oppression. That same mass of men that learnt to fight for liberty against the repressive forces ready to stop true peace fighters as they keep on demanding rights, waving flags and banners, and pictures of men like Che Guevara that have become paradigms.

Chronicle on Soviet-Cuban Feat, 34 Years Later

arnaldo-tamayo cubadebateI was a first grader at the "Miguel Salcedo" semiboarding school in the town of Antilla, and that morning when I got there early, as usual, I met with a huge stir along the corridors, all my peers wanted to see the first Cuban to have gone to the outer space. Today, 34 years later that memory is still alive, therefore, my inspiration to write this chronicle.

Aware on the Meaning of the Word Human?

bomba-de-racimo-sobre-gaza-f-cubadebateSince I was a girl I've been listening to people using terms like human, humanity, human rights; but the more I hear them, I get to understand the human race less every new day, because despite boasting of the privilidge of being wise, more intelligent than all other creatures on Earth, its behavior goes against reason. Is it that it doesn't really know the true sense of the term human?

Quintilio: a Silver-tongued Cuban with Many Things to Tell

calin quintilio-f-andres-ravelo-radiojuvenilCuban Quintilio Bermudez Cordero has the wisdom of having lived for more than a century. Today anecdotes come out his mouth like a spring, "Imagine that was hired to work in the construction of the country's man road, in the overpass in the town of Calixto, when Gerardo Machado was then the president; I remember we had to work very hard just for a few coins, but we had a family to feed."

A Centenarian by the Name of Rosa in Banes, Holguin